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Normale Version: New Horizons Pluto Flyby - Heute
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Nanu, noch kein Thread zum heute stattfindenden Pluto Flyby der NASA-Raumsonde New Horizons? Jedenfalls sind es jetzt noch exakt 2 Minuten... Big Grin



Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Hier ein kleiner Fahrplan:

7:30AM - Media Briefing: Arrival at Pluto, Inside the Pluto System & New Horizon's Perilous Path (LIVE on NASA TV)

7:49AM - Pluto closest approach at 12,500 KM (~7,750 MI) at approximately 14 KM/SEC (31,000MI/HR).

8:04AM - Charon closest approach at ~29,000 KM (18,000 MI) at same approximate Pluto flyby speed.

Note: During the half-hour when the spacecraft is the closest to Pluto & Charon, it will take close up pictures at both visible & near-infrared wavelengths. The best pictures of Pluto will depict features as small about 70 M (~230 FT) across - about the size of a football field. The spacecraft will also obtain stereo products that will be used to reconstruct Pluto's topography.

8:51AM - New Horizons flies through the shadow cast by Pluto & observe both the Earth & Sun setting, and then rising through Pluto's atmosphere. It will watch the light from the Sun & pick up radio waves from transmitters on Earth, making measurements that will reveal the composition, structure & thermal profile of Pluto's atmosphere in exquisite detail. The spacecraft will also obtain images of Pluto's night side, illuminated by Charon, which casts about as much light onto Pluto as a quarter Moon on Earth.

10:18AM - New Horizons flies through the shadow cast by Charon & make similar observations as when it passed by Pluto's shadow.

9:02PM - Mission team on Earth receives "phone home" signal from New Horizons to indicate the spacecraft survived the close encounter with the Pluto system.

8:30-9:15PM - NASA TV program: Phone Home, broadcast from APL Mission Control (LIVE on NASA TV)

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Wann wir neue Bilder vom Pluto-Charon-System erwarten können steht u.a.ö in diesem Artikel:
Live-Blog zum Pluto-Encounter von New Horizons
New Horizons - Aktuelles zum Vorüberflug an Pluto
Hier mal einige aktuelle Bilder

[Bild: pluto-and-charon-01.jpg]
Pluto & Charon

[Bild: nh-charon-inset.jpg]
Berge auf Charon

[Bild: nh-plutosurface.png]
Berge aus Eis auf Pluto (Norgay Montes)

[Bild: pluto_heart_of_the_heart_03.jpg]
Tombough Regio auf Pluto
Hier ein Video vom Pluto Flyby - heute im APOD...

Hi Andreas,

die Bilder snd be mir schon die Tage vorbei getwittert. Ich finde die Bild absolut hammer hart. Einfach nur unglaublich!